About Rite Weigh,
Surgical Weight Loss Solutions

HealthWise Ltd. Is a company that offers a comprehensive obesity and weight management program, called RiteWeigh. Healthwise Ltd. was created in 2008 as a result of a need to develop and launch the RiteWeigh Program. Its founder, Dr. Charles C. Diggiss acknowledges that successful surgery needs to be combined with discipline, diet, exercise and counseling for overall weight loss goals to be sustained.


In the late 1990’s, Dr. Diggiss became interested in and involved with LapBand Surgery. At that time, it was being developed by Professor Mitiku Belachew in Belgium. Dr. Diggiss flew to Belgium, where he studied the LapBand procedure first hand. He and Dr. Belachew developed a friendship and eventually, in 1998, the two doctors performed multiple LapBand surgeries in Nassau, Bahamas. Ten years later, Dr. Diggiss re-introduced LapBand Surgery to The Bahamas. realizing Realizing the necessity to have a comprehensive weight management program in conjunction with the surgery, Dr. Diggiss created RITEWEIGH as a part of HealthWise Ltd. By 2015, the Gastric Sleeve had essentially replaced the Lapband as the patients first choice.

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