Karen Knowles

 137 Ibs

Like many young overweight individuals, I lost and regained pound after pound.  Obesity controlled my health, relationships and self-esteem.  Shopping for clothes became a chore and, as my social life dwindled, I went from work to home and more fattening food.

I remember Christmas of 2012 as my lowest point and the beginning of a new life.  I was so unhappy that I had lost the will to live and finally reached out to my family for help. With their support, I consulted my physician and set out on a life altering journey. Learning healthy habits was not easy, but I was committed and lost the recommended 10% of my body weight before having bariatric surgery.

Today, I maintain my weight with healthy choices and exercise, which have given me a positive outlook and desire to stay on this path.

My advice to others is to get off the roller coaster.  A new, healthier, more positive you is waiting.